Hwentia herb

Hwentia Herb


Hwentia herb also known as Grains of Selim is mostly found in Africa. They are seeds of a shrubby tree found in Africa and normally used to spice up foods. Furthermore It is used as a substitute for pepper. Moreover it has an aromatic flavour. Also it is rich in vitamins,proteins,manganese and zinc.

Uses and benefits

1.Helps in treating gastric ulcer.

2.Fights against malaria because of its anti-malaria properties

3.Helps in the healing of wounds

4.Treatment of cough,flu and cold

5.For combating bacteria that causes syphilis

6.It has anti-inflammatory properties that combats rheumatism

7.Regular consumption boosts fertility

8.Has antibacterial properties which is useful in combating toothache

9.Promotes weight loss to ensure healthy weight control

10.Serves as a preservative

11.Regular consumption boosts fertility

12.Its extracts is used as insecticides to combat insect invasion

13.Improves digestive health and reduces symptoms like constipation and diarrhoea

14.It controls blood sugar and reduces risk of getting heart disease.

15.Strengthens the immune system

16.It has anti-cancer properties which prevents cancer


Hwentia herb has enormous health benefits. Its uses cannot be under estimated. I highly recommend this product for your use. Always Patronize it and see how your health life will improve. Finally we would like to hear your comments and reviews after your experience with this product.

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