Cloves is also known as syzygium aromaticum.It is a strong aromatic spice, hot and pungent in taste. They were mostly used in the cookery of AsianAfricanMediterranean, and the Near and Middle East countries. Moreover it was used to flavour many foods especially meat and bakery foods e.g. cookies, cakes and bread in Europe and United States. Furthermore it is used as the main ingredient for baking ginger bread. It has a lot of nutritional values i.e. fibre,vitamins,minerals and very rich in manganese.

Uses and benefits

1.It has high antioxidants and therefore reduces stress and the risk of getting heart disease.

2.It fights against cancer

3.Helps the liver to function properly.

4.Regulate blood sugar

5.Promote bone health

6.Lowers the risk of getting stomach ulcer and also heals ulcer patients fast.

7.It has anti-inflammatory properties which reduces the risk of getting arthritis.

8.Helps diabetes treatment

9.Improves Oral hygiene

10.Promotes digestive health

11.Improves respiratory health

12.Fights headache

13.Boost testosterone levels

14.Treats Acne


Cloves has lots of health benefits which is is so amazing. Patronize and use the product and see the results thereafter. You would be amazed with the results after using it.Finally,buy it for yourself and your household. Kindly share your experience with us.

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