Rosemary is a herb from the mint family.It is very aromatic.It is also known as salvia Rosmarinus mostly grown in humid conditions. Moreover it is native to the Mediterranean regions.In ancient times,it was used as a medicine to increase memory capacity.Now it is used to season foods in Europe and other parts of the world.It is high in manganese.Also it has antioxidant properties.

Uses and benefits

1.It helps to relieve pain for e.g. Shoulder pains, joint pains

2.It reduces stress and anxiety.

3.Increases blood circulation which prevents stroke and other forms of heart related problems.

4.Helps in digestion. Give you free bowels.

5.Prevents all forms of cancer

6.Prevents growth of bacteria that causes food poisoning.

7.Reduces joint inflammation which leads to swellings and pains

8.Improves hair health. Useful for people with bald hair. Massaging it on your scalp prevents hair loss.

9.Improves brain function and concentration especially people that have Alzheimer’s disease.

10.Has antibiotic properties

11.Fights bacterial infections

12.Cures headaches,migraines

13.Cures insomnia


Rosemary is highly beneficial to the body. I highly recommend this product to you and your family. Buy it, use it and thank us later. Lastly, Kindly share with us your experience and testimony about this product.

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