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 Best and Top Diaper Rash Cream and Lotion with No Chemicals 2023

shea butter

Introducing Best and Top diaper rash cream with no chemicals 2023 Raw Shea Butter with Olive Oil & Frankincense. Diaper rash is a common skin disease that usually affects babies. It may occur in the form of irritated skin. It is associated with wet or irregular change of diapers. Again, it is also caused by […]

Top 5 Uses of Baby basket

Baby Basket

Introduction Baby basket normally referred to as Moses basket, were used centuries ago, as beds for children. Also, you could transport children from the time they were born until they could walk on their own.As you read further,you will come across the top 5 uses of baby basket. Presently, many people across the globe are […]

Uses & Benefits of High Chair

High chair

A high chair is a luxury for many families and often out of reach for purchasing. Although the safest place for a baby to eat is a supportive high chair, here are some ways to ensure baby is as safe as possible when starting solids.Most importantly the uses and benefits of high chair cannot be […]

59 Uses and Benefits of Raw Shea Butter

59 Uses and Benefits of Only Organic Raw Shea Butter

1. Raw Shea Butter gives a natural glow to your hair. See top 5 uses of raw shea butter2. It thickens any type of hair strand.3. It conditions your hair strand.4. It keeps your God giving hair shine perfectly.5. The Raw Shea Butter prevents hair breakage.6. It is a hair moisturizing mask.7. It moisturizes dry […]