Hibiscus loose tea leaf

Hibiscus Tea


Hibiscus loose tea leaf is a herbal tea made from steeping dried hibiscus flowers in boiling water for five minutes.It has a sweet and fruity flavour. It originated from Africa and now common in most parts of the world. Researchers found that consuming 250 milliliters of a hibiscus extract drink per day significantly reduced blood pressure.

Uses and benefits

1.Lowers blood pressure. It improves your heart condition and makes you healthy.

2.It lowers cholesterol levels.

3.It has anti-inflammatory properties which decreases the expression of inflammatory proteins.

4.Supports liver health by increasing the concentration of detoxifying enzymes.

5.Promotes weight loss. Drinking hibiscus tea reduces excess fat in your body. If you are too busy to exercise. Just take a regular sip of hibiscus tea to loss weight.

6.Fights bacteria

7.Protects with antioxidants. Consuming foods like hibiscus tea which is high in antioxidants helps prevent cellular damage.

8.Boost immune system. It contains a lot of Vitamin C which helps fight against infections.

9.Helps fight cancer

10.Helps in digestion

11.Prevents kidney stones


Hibiscus loose tea leaf has huge benefits that will help you maintain a healthy life style.I recommend this product for you and your family and friends.Patronize it and use it and have value for money.Kindly share with us your experience in the comment box.

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