Extract powder gotten from leaves of neem tree

Extracts of moringa leaves rich in Copper,magnesium,zinc,calcium,iron,potassium,Vitamin A,B,C,D and E.

Extracts from Kernel of the nuts found in the Shea tree

Edible fats extracted from cocoa beans

Extracts from unroasted,fermented,dried cocoa beans which comes the cocoa tree

Extracts of Fresh hibiscus flower

Eugenyl acetate,Tanene,Thymol and β-cariophyllene

Grains of Selim seed pods

Gallocatechin,rosmarimic acid,luteolin

Tannins,Phenolic acids,flavonoids,triterpenes

Flavonoids,Tannins,Eugenol,Citric acid,carbohydrates,steroids,alkaloids,triterpenoids,essential oils

Extracts from dried and crush red hot pepper

Extracts from seed kernels of Neem tree containing azadirachtin,nimbin,picrin,sialin